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  • FETCH, TOSS, CATCH, & MORE: Great for building up your bond with your pup, these squeaky and bouncy rubber dog toys are also fun to toss and catch when playing games both indoors and out.
  • LEAD & PHTHALATE-FREE: Made with premium natural latex rubber that's phthalate-free and hand painted with lead-free paint for a safe toy your dog can come back to for multiple play sessions.
  • PLAY IT SAFE: No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace toy if damaged.
  • SAFE AND DURABLE: Made of natural latex and no stuffing, the toys are non-toxic and safe for your pets to chew and play. This high-quality material makes them smooth, good elasticity and easy to clean.
  • FUN SQUEAKY EGG DOG TOY: The toys are bouncy and have fun egg shape that dogs love to chase. With built-in voice device, they make squeaky sound easily when dogs bite or squeeze them. The funny squeak can attract your dog's interest and give them a lot of fun.
  • FOR SMALL PETS: 1.7''x1.7''x2.3'' cute egg balls, great gift for puppies and small dogs less than 11kg (24.25lb). We recommend supervised play to help toys last longer and most importantly keep your pal safe.
  • DURABLE: Designed to withstand more than comparable toys, Hero Chuckles dog squeak toys are made with laminated mesh lining and double stitching for extra durability, with embroidered details and no small parts for dogs to swallow!
  • BRIGHT & FUN: Chuckles dog and puppy squeaky toys resemble cute, cuddly animal characters in different patterns and bright, fun colors!
  • ENGAGING: Depending on the position of this stuffed animal dog toy, it emits a symphony of sounds including a crunch, squeak, and chuckle, keeping dogs engaged longer!
  • Age Range Description: Young Adult
  • Soft and lovable
  • Not designed for power chewers
  • 1.【Extremely Durable】: Our puppy chew toys are made of durable nature Latex. It is extra tough but soft and elastic for your dog daily bitting.
  • 5.【Especially Suitable for Most of Dogs】:The dog chewing toy is so lightweight and good shape that a little puppy or large dogs can carry it around easily.
  • 4.【Reduce Dog’s Anxiety】:Dogs sometimes destroy the furniture because of they feeling bored and lonely when you are not at home. With this toy’s great companion, you can effectively prevent the dog from the destructive behaviors while your dog is at home alone .
  • TUG ROPE KNOTS: There are twisted ropes under the arms and legs of the small dog plush toy. Perfect for puppies to chew it, thrash it and play tug with it.
  • SMALL DOG TOY: The cute plush squirrel dog toy with bright color, greatly attracting your dogs and keeping them entertained. This comfort toy is safe, soft, lightweight and it measures about 11 inches, perfect for puppies.
  • CRINKLE PAPPER & SQUEAKER: The squeaky dog toys designed with inner crinkle paper that runs the length of the body. This feature makes a hard-to-resist fun crunch sound that will excite your puppies and will keep them coming back for more. And there is also a squeaker in the toy’s head.
  • INTERACTIVE SQUEEKY TOY - Featuring a squeaky sound function toy that helps satisfy the instinctual needs and release extra energy in your pet. This squeeze toy has better interactions with dogs than other typical toys; when your dog bites it, the sound attracts attention and increases interest, resulting in longer playtime. Better engagement and regular interaction with the toy have its benefits, such as relieving anxiety, improving IQ, and preventing furniture and clothes from being chewed up.
  • SUITABLE FOR SMALLER DOGS - This squeak toy is suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds to chew and play with. It’s perfect for pets who love loud and squeaking toys to play indoors or outdoors alone or can play fetch together with you. Little pups can chew to relieve tooth growth discomfort, while small to mid-sized dogs can happily shred away at their plush toy and stay engaged for a long time. However, it is not recommended for larger dogs with sharp teeth.
  • TEETH HYGIENE & HEALTH - Dog chewers are great for keeping your pet’s teeth clean and active for exercise to maintain health and weight at home. It’s especially great for when you aren’t home to play with your pet, as they can clean their own teeth themselves with the chew toy. Younger pups can use for teething while older dogs benefit from brushing teeth to prevent decay and buildup. This toy can also help your dog feel less separation anxiety while developing their intelligence.

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